Intel results indicate consumer spending strength; investor ignorance

Discussion in 'Graphics and Semiconductor Industry' started by B3D News, Jan 16, 2008.

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    Intel released its quarterly results yesterday and while both revenues and profits reached record levels ($10.7B and $0.38/share respectively), they were still below expectations. Intel's stock dropped 14% in after-hours trading, and dragged other semiconductors along. But it turns out that reaction is most likely a massive misinterpretation of the data.

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    I've reset the thread, it got off to a bad start. Insightful on-topic discussion please, that isn't based on "investors are idiots". Sorry to remove those posts that had a go at that, in amongst the crap.
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    I was surprised to see how low the stock went in those after hours trades. Although it seems likely now sales in the US will be hit by people tightening their belts Intel stated that 75% of their cpu's go aborad and a weak dollar should help them out on that front you would have thought.

    I think sub $20 is too low and if I had any money to invest in a stock then I'd definitely be tempted. I doubt it would rise massively but I think it would be robust, pay a dividend and give a good return in the medium to long range.

    One outstanding issue for them is the increasing number of judical proceedings, so tha is one possible negative needing factoring in.
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    I just sold my intel stock the day before it dropped. :) I didnt think that intel could replicate the numbers IBM had just posted. Glad I can jump back in at a much lower price.

    Intel does have several clouds in its horizon, nothing like what AMD has. I think we should keep in mind of the following: Many anti-trust suits in the works, no real need for a speed upgrade, and the slowing economies in the US and Europe.

    I didnt see this thread until after its clean up, so hope I didnt go down the previous road of deleted posts.

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