Game development presentations - a useful reference


A starter
The graphics pipeline Thanks to the RYG blog (most up to date explanation, way better than the links below).
3D pipeline for dummies / Thanks to Extremtech for that one.
How the GPU works Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 . Thanks to Thort for those useful one
Essential Math for Games Programmers

GDC presentations
GDC presentations
GDC presentations bis
It's a really resourceful link, I watch today and for example I find this presentation
It's named Quadtree displacement mapping with height field blending and it's from the team in charge of Two worlds 2 developers. It was at time clearly over my head but nevertheless interesting.
Basically the pages is updated so there is no need for further update, really resourceful link I owe to Alstrong.

Gamefest presentations
Gamefest presentations
Direct3D 11 Tesselation
Gamefest 2010
Gamefest 2011

Siggraph and others 3d oriented events

Beyong programmable shading, Siggraph 2008
Beyond programmable shading, Siggraph 2009
Advanced realtime rendering, Siggraph 2010
Beyond programmable shading, Siggraph 2011
Siggraph 2011
Siggraph 2012 related "stuffs"
Various Siggraph/HPG presentations
Advances in Real-Time Rendering in 3D Graphics and Games (that was a course so there are mulitple presentations there)
Various presentations found on ATI web site (a lot are from siggraph so I put them here)
Advances in realtime rendering in games 2013
Advances In Realtime Rendering for Games at Siggraph 2014

Sony presentations
Deferred lightning and post processing on Ps3 Phyre Engine related.
alternative link (no download)

Overview of pica200
DMP Pica200 (powering the 3DS)

GPU Manufacturers

Nvidia presentations
List of nv40 AA modes.
Soft shadow mapping from GDC2008
GPU GEM2 A new paper about voxelization and GI.

Larrabee: a many core architecture for visual computing
MLAA (Morphological AA)
SIMD programming with Larrabee
Various Larrabee informations
Processor Graphics About Intel late GPU (Gen 6 & 7 and onward)


Studio/Editor presentations
Here we may add presentation for most relevant Studios and ther could be overlapping (say a presentation could be available from one of the above link) but we should try to keep it minimal.

Epic presentations
Epic website
The end of GPU road map
Rendering techniques in Gears of War 2
Fast and efficient facial rigging

Official Crytek site
Cry engine 3 (it's a slide show I could not find better)
NanoBrochure ("Geekyness" can fit in the thread :LOL: )
Cascaded Light Propagation Volumes for Real-Time Indirect Illumination

MT Framework 1 Special thanks to One who made an outstanding job here :cool:
B3D own take on CEDEX presentation about Lost Planet and the MF Framework engine part I and part II
MT Framework 2 (Still searching for a good summup).

Insomniac writings

Naughty Dog
Official Naughty Dog website
Uncharted2-HDR lightning (really interesting AND comprehensive stuff about gamma)
LIVE&UNLEASHED: game design with the dogs (video)

Id Software
J.M.P. van Waveren (Id) Presentations
Overview of IDTech6 and voxel rendering (Actually that's a website article linked by Joshua Luna).

Killzone II deferred render
Some other presentations

Valve Publications
Stylization With a Purpose
Improved Alpha-Tested Magnification for Vector Textures
How To Go From PC to Cross Platform Development Without Killing Your Studio
Wound Rendering

Black Rock Studio (Disney)
Rendering technology at Black Rock Studio

Lighting Research at Bungie
Animations in Reach
Halo Reach lod system

Repi's blog. (Rendering Architect, Dice)
Dice official website:
About geomeric integration in Frosbite2
Battlefield 3 presentation
Motion Controllers for Consoles
Water Interaction

Jorge Jimenez's blog

Global Illumination in Far Cry 3


Various publications:
"Parallel graphics in Frostbite"
Your game needs DX11
Shadow and Decals DX10
Intersection of game engine and GPU
Terrain rendering using procedural shader splatting
Realtime procedural shading and texturing
Parallel Future of Game Engine

Volition website
GDC 2007 Hayes Thompson: Saints Row City Scape

Square Enix
(look for Real-Time Bidirectional Path Tracing via Rasterization & Fast Global Illumination Baking via Ray-bundles)
Surface Based Anti Aliasing.

Rendering with convinction

Lion Head
Mega Meshes: Modelling, rendering and lighting a world made of 100 billion polygons

Tri-Ace (in japanese.)
"Real-time Physically Based Rendering - Basic Theory" CEDEC 2011
"Real-time Physically Based Rendering - Implementation" CEDEC 2011
Practical Physically Based Rendering in Real-Time

Ke-Sen Huang's homepage: Resources for Computer Graphics <= Lot of presentations here
COMIC interesting presentation about implementing a software cache on Cell Broadband engine.
Sparse Virtual Textures
Khronos Presentations
The Light Pre-Pass renderer: Renderer Design for efficient support of multiple lights
Gamma: 360 vs. PS3 from Filmic Games blog
About digital photography and image processing
Freeing up Rsx (from the eponymous thread)
Icare3D blog (Details about "Interactive Indirect Illumination Using Voxel Cone Tracing" are there among other thing :) ).
A pixel is not a little square! Great presentation about the true nature of Pixel from Alvy Ray Smith (Microsoft).

Developing The Technology Behind Love (770mb video) The smart decisions that are making it possible for one man to build an MMO by himself.
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Thanks I'll update the main list ;)

@Nano thaks for the link too but it was already in the "beyond prgrammable shader" from siggraph 2009
it's id tech challenges.

By the way I add some link I found in the 3D tech forum interesting stuffs about a Siggraph 2009 available on
the same page pointed to AIT pages too with a lot of content too.
Some updates, by the way could somebody find a better name for this thread... I'm growingly unhappy about it :(