Apple is an existential threat to the PC

Discussion in 'PC Industry' started by MfA, Apr 3, 2018.

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    Sure but you are talking about features. An Android phone can get new features for years but might not recieve anymore security updates after 2 years. Regardless non tech people cant be bothered with updates, they arent the ones that will push to install iOS 15 when it releases

    people buy iPhones because its a strong brand, easy to use and reliable and often lasts many years without slowing down. Apple might cheap out on 4K screens and 120 Hz but their chips are 2 gens ahead. And that matters for smoothness
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    Thats not entirely true. Samsung phones get three full OS updates and after that some years of security updates aswell. My S7 got two full OS updates, and the last security update november 2020. Thats almost five years of updates total, not that bad i think. Beginning with the S10 line of phones, samsung extended its OS updates to three years, ontop of the security updates ofcourse. With in mind that android doesnt need as much full OS updates as IOS does, their quite even to me.
    Bring in custom roms for the more popular phone ranges and your quite golding with an android i think aswell.

    It sure is and Apple/IOS devices do entertain a stronger 3rd party support for apps, aswell as a more solid integration of software features and ecosystem. Though i have to say the differences arent that big anymore between android and IOS, big name 3rd party apps are mostly equal, software and integration is getting closer aswell.

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