All time Best Sellers for XBox One and PS4 *spawn*

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    All time best sellers for both the xbox one and PS4 (US only) are listed below. The top selling game for both the PS4 and the XO is a cross gen game. In fact, cross gen games represent almost half of the games in both lists' top five.

    How many first party exclusives, released at or closely to the launch of the xbox 1 and ps4, are on these lists?

    How are these games suppose to sell next gen consoles when a good number of them didn't warrant a true sequel?

    Early launch exclusives don't sell consoles. Its the other way around. Most early buyers are buying on potential and these early launch titles help wet their appetite until big budget true next gen titles arrive.

    Neither Sony nor MS want to pour 50-100 million into the development and marketing budget for these early titles. The ROI is lacking because the userbase is so small. And these type of titles tend to sell because of a dearth of competition.

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    I’m not sure if this is just a post or a question!?

    But essentially if all the games were the same you’d have little reason to buy one over the other outside potential hardware and o/S feature differences.

    In my mind it’s nice to have an exclusive or 2 that makes the upgrade a bit more tempting, sure the games may not be stellar or sell very well, but if they hook you into the ecosystem then surely that’s worth the investment?

    Saying a game only sold 3m but was a launch title so failed is a bit of a short sighted way to look at it IMHO.
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    This was part of a thread about cross-gen games and business justifications, but it should be easy to find for future references and updating as time goes on.
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