YAHOO says PS3 Hard Drive Standard

Discussion in 'Console Industry' started by Ben-Nice, Mar 17, 2006.

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    Jan 12, 2006
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    wouldn't say this is official news but...

    PS3 will have hard drive as standard [PS3]
    Friday March 17, 11:12 AM

    Our Sony representative has confirmed this morning that PlayStation 3 will come with a 60GB HDD as standard, but that can be upgraded if preferred.

    Some of the larger US websites have been speculating that PlayStation 3 would be shipping with an optional 60GB hard disc drive. However we can confirm this morning that all PS3 consoles will be sold with the HDD out of the box. Sony's president of Computer Entertainment, Ken Kutaragi, announced on Wednesday that all PS3 games are being developed to take advantage of the 60GB HDD.

    Another essential use for the HDD will be Sony's online service, which will offer downloads in a similar way to Microsoft's Xbox Live platform. Clearly now it is Sony's intention to standardise the PlayStation 3 community, so that all developers know that everybody who owns PS3 will benefit from HDD-related features in-game. Bizarrely this used to be Microsoft's standpoint with its original Xbox, but the Redmond corporation has since taken an about turn with Xbox 360.
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    Jun 5, 2005
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    Gravity Always Wins
    that's good news, but lest we forget that we all were under the distinct impression that the X360 included a HDD standard until about what? 2 months before release day?

    I'll wait until Oct/November to count this chicken.

    I hope it does because it would get good support and to me it's just a giant memory card and I hate buying memory cards.

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