VIA releases new chipset for Ultra Mobile market

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    VIA released a new single-chip chipset for the Ultra Mobile market on April 1st - it sports a DX9 IGP, a 64-bit DDR2 memory controller and the usual I/O capabilities. TDP is 3.5 to 5W, and the specs hint at why VIA is interested in NVIDIA's MCP79. In related news, VIA's had decent sales in March...

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    Display Flexibiity: An integrated multi-configuration LVDS transmitter enables display connection to embedded panels, as well as CRT monitors.

    Display Interface
    Three 10-bit 350 MHz RAMDACs
    One Dual-channel or two Single-channels LVDS
    18-bit TTL LCD interface
    Supports DuoView+TM
    Multiplexed with UART and IR ports

    So it does support more than just LVDS!

    The VIA Chrome9™ HC3
    Still Deltachrome based ... too bad.
    More than a year ago Via promised AMD chipsets with Chrome S27 deratives inside. Too bad they didn't put it inside this one. The performance difference is enormous.

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