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Discussion in 'PC Purchasing Help' started by digitalwanderer, Sep 6, 2020.

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    No one ever really uses postscript anymore except for old unix printing systems and all the old white beards still using LaTeX for editing their thesis and grant publications.
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    Printer came, CHUNKY mother of a printer! Got the toner cartridges in, one was missing a bit of protective stuff but I figured I'd let it slide, and it's utterly fantastic! My kids pointed out some slight defects in the printout that they say are from a bad cartridge, probably the yellow without the paper. I'll write a nice letter to 'em and hopefully get a new one, but they had to point the defect out to me and I had to take off my glasses to see it so this is basically better than any printer we've ever previously owned!

    And it's fast too, blazing fast! The output looks almost like it's on photo paper it's so sharp/shiny. I'm very happy, and very pleased.

    One downside, I had to order a 50 foot phone cable (RJ11) for her old laser fax machine. She still needs a fax occasionally and the printer fits where the printer used to be which used to be the faxes home, so I put it on a corner of her desk I thoughtfully cleared a place for. She though it'd be better if I cleaned up my desk and stuck it on mine so it's a bit of a lose on that one. :(

    Still, amazeballs printer! I'm very happy. Bonus, my kids both spent 2 years in a graphic arts class that had one and they're both very familiar with it. :D
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