Microsoft spending $1 Billion Dollars to stop PS3 Developers!!

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If MS had really wanted to go for the throat as you imply, then:

1) they would have bought Epic in 2005, not 2008.

2) they would have bought Immersion rather than settle with them.

IMO all you have shown is evidence of sound business practice in the face of competition. You seem to be painting Sony as the underdog that needs our pity, but remember its position of sheer dominance very recently. MS had to execute a plan to mitigate that dominance. How else do you think they should have approached the next generation, other than aggression? IMO MS have been far less aggressive than they might have been.

1) Why spend a Billion dollars in 2005? Epic didn't play a vital roles in Sony's gaming future? Epic and Gamespy were going to deliver on yet another thing XNA & Xbox360 failed to do.

2) That would have been foolishness. What Public Relations expert would give you such a bad advice? "Microsoft sues competition!" That would be a PR nightmare showing openly insecurity.

Neither of your points are good business. I have never heard of a previous gaming system doing these things. I have seen companies buy first parties in order to preserve a working advantage. But that was to help. Not done with timing as a cut off measure to interrupt something already in progress.

Jumping back to point one. If their motivation had been an exclusive relationship it would have followed Gears of War in 2006. This ball didn't start rolling until After the Online cross platform stuff started moving.
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