Microsoft spending $1 Billion Dollars to stop PS3 Developers!!

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News from Gamepro about MS buying Epic Games, if true is very upsetting.

Microsoft helped Immersion sue Sony and blockade gamers from getting Dual Shock. Sony didn’t just happen to decide it was “last generations”. The Lawsuit placed a ban on future generations of use. That was what last generation really meant. Not the BS spin haters throw back at Sony.

Immersion is a poorly run company that was losing millions of dollars in double digits every year, long before suing and have continued to lose money every year. Not one single year of operating profit this Century. Microsoft and Sony knew they could beat the lawsuit. But Microsoft has lots of legal experience and got foxy. They settled for $26mil by buying a small stake in the company granting them the license, to re-license Haptic Feedback. What people don’t know is that they also loaned money beyond the $9million loan mentioned in the settlement to aid Immersion’s lawsuit against Sony. They also agreed to buy stock, not just the one time stake as people may have heard, but continuously in order to prevent the companies’ value from dropping until the case was settled.

Basically Microsoft used an unethical company as a puppet to sue Sony and gain control over a feature copied from Sony. Then had to Sue Immersion after the settlement to get back the money they had loaned. Microsoft is to blame for Playstation 3 not having Dual Shock. Immersion was already in Debt. They could not have beaten either Sony or Microsoft on their own, much less at the same time. Microsoft did not have to settle. They took advantage of the situation and made it so that they won whether or not Immersion beat Sony in court. But mostly they succeeded in crippling the sensation of gaming on the Playstation 3.

With the recent very positive turn around on the PS3 following the April 2007 Runtime 2.1, SDK 3.0 in October, and Yellow Dog Linux 6 this month, Microsoft is worried. Worried to the point of considering do they need to release a new Xbox in the fall of next year. Worried to the point that they are going to buy the most respected game engine to be properly ported and developed on the PS3. They are going to buy Epic Games. And stop the Unreal Engine 3 that was developed for the PS3 from being licensed to PS3 developers at a reasonable price or even at all. Just like with haptic feedback. Even though they have the right to license rumble/unreal there is no reason they have to.

Microsoft has failed to deliver at some point on almost every single promise they have made to gamers about the capabilities of Xbox360. The one resounding feature to developers has been that XNA developer tools have been easier to use than Sony’s Playstation 3 tools. But the fact is that the PS3 can and will mature for many years. By making the HDD a common denominator the PS3 has a better or longer future than the Xbox360.

Proof of that is that Sony is delivering on the Promises XNA has not delivered to the PC gaming world. Cross-platform online Gaming with PC Gamers!

Shortly after this news hit Microsoft began considering what they could do. It now looks like instead of delivering on their XNA Cross-Platform promises, they are going to spend $1,000,000,000 BILLION DOLLARS to stop other gamers from succeeding in that desire for the future. As well as reduce the game engine options availible to Playstation 3 developers.

What the F*** is going on!? It may be perfectly legal for Microsoft to do the things it does. But is it ethical to seek ways of actively damage a gamers’ ability to enjoy the competition?

Sincerely from an outsider,
FutureCTO (aka Neil_Polymathes)
You laugh at Sony's misfortune. But you don't deny anything that was said.

I do not own any of this Generations consoles. My first purchase will probably be Wii Fit. I have a three year prepaid gym membership, but work too many hours to attend the available classes.

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A very dramatic post. The most popular engine a few years ago was Renderware. EA bought it. Didn't really stop anything. An engine won't make or break PS3 development and the people who have already licensed it keep what they got. And I'm sure Epic has support agreements in place with their licensees which Microsoft would have to honor even if they did buy them. Not sure how you arrived at your conclusion, but IMO, is a stretch and to me FUD. Even the mentioned immersion suit is not relevant and the facts presented inaccurate.
If MS had really wanted to go for the throat as you imply, then:

1) they would have bought Epic in 2005, not 2008.

2) they would have bought Immersion rather than settle with them.

IMO all you have shown is evidence of sound business practice in the face of competition. You seem to be painting Sony as the underdog that needs our pity, but remember its position of sheer dominance very recently. MS had to execute a plan to mitigate that dominance. How else do you think they should have approached the next generation, other than aggression? IMO MS have been far less aggressive than they might have been.
Sony, Nintendo and MS should all be forced to sell off all their 1st party studios. Problem solved. :LOL:

and MS hardly has the patent on unethical.
Microsoft managed to settle and make a contract to help Immersion sue.
In exchange for helping Immersion, they get Millions from the settlement.
OR if unsuccessful in suing Sony, then Immersion was to pay 50% back to MS.

Proof of their collusion is Microsoft sued to get a settlement share.
Proof is in the financial activity of IMMR.

If you go through Immersions earnings of 8.5 million an net loss of 2.5mil.
Where is the 25 Million Immersion said it spent on legal fees alone?
It is the money Microsoft paid to help with the legal fees.
And then sued to get back from the victory.

Without Microsoft continuing to buy shares beyond the first 10% into the company and helping support its legal fees they would have folded under the legal costs.

So Yes, I am telling you will financial facts that had Microsoft not helped Immersion, and instead decided to contest them legally, Playstation 3 would have had Dual Shock controllers. Immersion could not have afforded the legal fees of suing either company, on their own. They needed the financial help from one of them, against the other.

I don't have to invent the story. Look up Immersions capital.
Where was the money coming from other than from Microsoft?

Click on the top right "Annual Data" and see the Yearly Losses.
Annual Losses:
Net Income , In million$:
2006 -10.42
2005 -13.09
2004 -20.74
2003 -16.97
2002 -16.53
2001 -21.75

If you do the math there is no way for the Microsoft settlement's mentioned to offset a decade of annual loses. Has anyone ever seen a company other than the con artist behind the Phantom Console operate like this? Someone over the course of that time was buying stock and not selling. Which kept the company from folding under the losses, unlike what happened with the Phantom Console. - Trade Volume did not pick up.

The trade/stock value stayed abnormally flat with a better than $5 minimum average, despite 7 years of increasing losses? As it is, someone was definitely buying stock to keep trading at a stable price. This was not the case before Microsoft started buying stock. Before the first 10% stake in shares the stock traded erratically. After someone was keeping the price stable by maintaining the minimum bid.

Company capital agreements and additional investments were not noted.
The only stock holder or person to make money from holding stock was MS.
No other investor would look at Immersions operating costs and not actively be start selling and buying back at a lower price or make better investments.

Someone was buying shares over 4 years keeping the company stable. Who besides Microsoft would benefit from that?
You laugh at Sony's misfortune. But you don't deny anything that was said.

I do not own any of this Generations consoles. My first purchase will probably be Wii Fit. I have a three year prepaid gym membership, but work too many hours to attend the available classes.

(My activity was too low to post a thread under this user name.)

I honestly didn't think it was worth serious comment, since the notion is absurd. However, here I go. First of all, it's a rumour, not a fact. Secondly, there is an existing thread on the Epic acquisition. Why you needed a new thread is a little odd. Thirdly, acquisitions are part of business. Is Activision against PC gaming by acquiring Blizzard, since WoW is "killing PC gaming"? It's just silly.

If you want to argue anything about UE3, it's certainly not that the PS3 is hinging on it in order to succeed. You only need to look at the many delayed and cancelled titles in 2007 running on UE3 to know PS3 and UE3 are not a match made in heaven, while other engines that already exist perform better - look at Uncharted or the ND engine.

Lastly, if you're openly discussing your multiple accounts, it's been nice knowing you :)
Hay tim, this thread is what the internets is all about. I think B3D should have a "legendary stories" section. Beyond3D memes ftw.
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