Gaming PC: Mini ITX Build Help

It looks to me that he wants the case to fit within a certain tv/av type cabinet

Yes, I have space requirements. But not a cabinet. I have wall mounted shelves next to my wall mounted TV that are 12"(30cm) deep. They look something like this.


I was hoping to keep the depth around 10"(25cm) because of cable connections in the back.

I've about decided to stay with the Lazer3D CG7 Cravo but wait on either a low profile Navi or go with a Renoir APU. But supposedly Lazer3D is working on CG10 Cravo out later this year. Might see what that looks like.

Tommy McClain
No problem,
Listen mrs Azbat it's a well known fact that men with large shelves are more likely to purchase womens shoes or handbags (he may also buy something for you too)
be aware many of these small cases dont take atx psu's they use sfx

True for the most part, but if he doesn't mind something a bit boxy, then something like this...

Can take any standard sized ATX PSU. My SFF is a similar but older model, and while boxy, it fits into carry on luggage (I take it to Japan with me) appropriate for air travel. Of course, airport security aren't used to dealing with that so they always give it the chemical bomb test whenever I go through the security gates. :p

The other nice thing with these cases is that it's easy to use virtually any standard graphics card as well.

[edit] Looked again and they have my model on their site still.

That appears to be m-atx and he's against that (for the sake of a shelf)
is pretty insistent on itx

Ah, yeah the first one goes up to M-ATX. The second one, that I have, is M-ITX.

It's 222x181x285 compared to the 380x87x370 of the one you linked. So basically more boxy rather than flat-ish.