Doom: The Dark Ages [XBSX|S, PC, PS5, XGP]

Wow that looks wild. Doom 2016 was good but I wasn’t as impressed with it as I had hoped based on reviews. Apparently Eternal was a step up so looking forward to that. Dark Ages looks like a whole other level though.
The enemies need to be faster and more threatening if the combat is gonna happen mostly on flatter and open terrain with lots of space to move. I know the idea is to make the Doom guy slower as well, but just from the bits of footage, the projectiles from enemies looked super slow, and of the enemies that actually moved, they were generally slow, too. Everything seemed incredibly easy to avoid.

And it perhaps looked a little sparse in terms of enemies given the size of the areas in many of the shots. Obviously this could all just be a non-representative slice for footage purposes, and we've seen Doom trailers not show off the game in the best light before, but so far, I'm not impressed from a gameplay standpoint.

I do like the more medieval theme, and it looks pretty good visually. For the soundtrack, I'm also not sure the hyping up metal tracks will work quite as well in a slower-paced game with less arena/wave-based encounters. Maybe just used more sparingly? Otherwise I'd almost like a more subdued, sort of atmospheric kind of soundtrack. And I say this as somebody who loves heavy music. But we'll see. Again, just a trailer.

EDIT: Just watched the interview where they talk about the design decisions a bit more and I can kind of see what they're going for in terms of slow projectiles and all that. Thing is - the original Doom worked with these slower projectiles cuz you usually didn't have a lot of space to move, so you had to have a good amount of environmental and spatial awareness to ensure you were leaving yourself space and all that. I think if you have big open, flat areas, it's a lot harder to make it a challenge for the player. Like, I'm playing a retro shooter Forgive Me Father right now and one of the big aspects of it is how tight spaces are, and that makes things tough. But as soon as it does open up on occasion, it gets way easier unless they add a whole lot more enemies.

I dont mean to sound negative or disappointed here as much as I probably am, cuz I do trust these guys to make something fun and challenging in the end. Hugo Martin gets pretty hardcore into the playtesting side of things, which is great. And the game isn't coming til next year, so lots of time to build and fine tune things. Just wasn't super convinced by the footage they did show. So far.
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@Seanspeed Considering how Doom Eternal difficulty scales up, I don't expect this one to be an easy game. My guess is the trailer is just staged in a way to show the enemies and the weapons more than difficult gameplay.

I watched the interview where they talk about projectiles and he talks about slaloming and the projectiles being a "maze." Makes me think it'll go in the "bullet hell" direction. Probably large groups of enemies and bosses that fire a lot of slow moving projectiles, that you have to weave through.
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@Seanspeed Considering how Doom Eternal difficulty scales up, I don't expect this one to be an easy game. My guess is the trailer is just staged in a way to show the enemies and the weapons more than difficult gameplay.
Yea, that's probably it.

I dont think Hugo himself would be satisfied with anything that wasn't reasonably challenging.

I definitely like the concept of it, and I'm glad to see a big change in direction of some sort(though not sure about the flying stuff...), it's just the footage wasn't convincing for me yet.
I dont mind not being able to progress because I cant kill an enemy but I do mind not being able to progress because I cant make a jump, it's supposed to be Doom not Mirrors Edge
agreed. I complete Doom Eternal and liked it very much, but the platforming stuff could be frustrating in some areas. I like platforming where it makes sense, but in a Doom game it can be off-putting, at least for me. I also completed Doom 2016 -on a laptop- but thankfully it had less platforming.

Very much loved the idea of this game taking place in medieval times. It'd be a very original Doom. But well, maybe they thought we have Heretic or Hexen for that.

Very good games at the time, although Hexen caused me motion sickness for some reason in certain areas and needed to stop playing a few hours to recover. Maybe the low resolution and screens at the time...
Y'all really struggled with the platforming in Eternal? One of my issues was how easy it typically was. I kinda liked the minor shake up in pacing it provided, and thought it was a good way to hide secrets, but wish there was a bit more skill involved. Nearly all the main path progression platforming was very straightforward and it had an insanely generous grab distance.

And it's not like the game really punished you that much for falling. You didn't die, just respawned at the beginning of the platforming section with a bit less life, which is insanely easy to recuperate.

They really made it pretty painless. Maybe that was the point, though. Especially given how tough and intense the combat portions are. They maybe wanted to give the player a breather in between those brain overload encounters with something a bit easier to do. Something easy, but not totally mindless.
just in one area not far into the games there were some platforms floating in the air above lava but as soon as you land on one it it would start to sink I tried to complete the sequence of jumps about 50 times and just thought f**k that
and went off and downloaded a trainer that game me infinite double jumps.
I'm still bitter about X-Wing. Played mission1 absolutely loved it, played mission 2 absolutely loved it but I couldn't for the life of me complete mission 3 so I played all that money for a 3 mission game.
It didn't help that my pc at the time 386sx-16 wasn't really up to the job of running it. Years later I replayed it when I got a pentium 75 and I completed mission 3 first attempt quite easily (and the rest of the game)
A modder has already brought Doom: The Dark Age's new 'Shield Saw' to the 1993 original, and it's pretty close to perfect