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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by N00b, Jun 28, 2008.

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    I used a powerlevel to get to 70, after that it was mainly solo, with a few public games for bounty farming.

    I can't remember what I used for my highest grift at the moment, but it will probably be whatever the top build is on diablofans with the Hadrig's set.

    I don't try to stick to specific builds. I judiciously use diablofans to work out which builds I should be using with my current gear (They usually have decent 'just hit 70', '2-set', '4-set' and '6-set' builds). Other than that, just keep farming gear and looking for things with optimal stats; usually that involves a good mix of defensive and offensive stats.
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    now that you mention it, I am playing the campaign solo on the PC -I played the console version a lot more, my 2011 PC couldn't run the game at 30 fps without serious tweaking and nerfing-.

    It has more options than on console, but yes, I prefer the console controls. That being said, I play the female Demon Hunter with a single hand -I only use the keyboard to summon a pet and stuff-. Something I can't do with a controller. The way I play it suits me well.

    Still, I am going to try this Xpadder -a program I purchased 2 years ago- configuratiion and see how it works for me.

    Also this guide, using another app I don't have:


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