Change of heart - Should I get a console instead of a new PC?

Discussion in 'PC Purchasing Help' started by tongue_of_colicab, Nov 8, 2020.

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    Couldnt have said any better :) I always go PC as the main platform, but i cant go without a playstation as a sidekick. The playstation is just offering too many great exclusives/experiences. PS for exclusives, PC for everything else. Still the killer combo.
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    I've thought of picking up a used PS4 next year so I can play the Spider-man games. :oops:
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    For what its worth, I might end up getting a new PC after all.

    I played around with GPU virtualization on my current rig a bit and while it was pretty easy to get it to work, the performance wasn't great. In the Rise of the Tomb Raider benchmark I'm losing between 70 and 30fps. Pretty far removed from the 1~2% performance hit virtualization is supposed to have these days. Though maybe it could be better with some more tweaking/research into settings.

    But in the little normal desktop usage I tested it felt normal. So what I think I'll do is visualize my current i7 4770 so I can run a desktop on it for work/browsing/other basic stuff while also using it as a NAS and eventually router as well. I'll keep my NUC for that for the moment. Eventually I might even swap things around and use the NUC for normal desktop usage and the i7 for all my VMs etc.

    My NAS is running out of space and I need a replacement for it anyway.

    The new PC I'll place behind my tv, the stand on the LG C9 is pretty deep so my case will fit if I just move it forward on my TV cabinet a couple of centimeters. It won't be visible either except when I'm standing in the kitchen but I can live with that.

    I won't be getting the system I originally had in mind though. Probably a 5600x, 32gb ram and a 500GB 980pro along with the 2070 super I already have. Total price will be a little under double that of a XSX/PS5 so that is more in line with what I'm willing to spend on something that I'll only use for gaming.
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