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    May 19, 2014
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    Hello everyone,

    Not sure if it is correct to post it here because we don't work with GPUs/CPUs. We work with 3D sensing chip (Kinect/PrimeSense) and its applications.

    Our company (ORBBEC CO., LTD) has just developed our own 3D sensor (includes the computational chip + optics) and we are going to show that on E3 2014. Our 3D chip can handle HD resolution depth image at 30 FPS. In addition, it has a 30% lower latency than that of Kinect/Prime Sense sensor. We get well funded in 2014. We are now looking for skilled individuals who want to join us.

    We are now expanding and working on our own SDK, middleware, gesture control UI and applications. We have positions open for CHIEF Engineers for several fields. Please see the pdf in the following link for detail: (safe link, generated by microsoft one drive, only one pdf file inside)

    We are offering a chance for you to gather your own team and lead it to design your dreaming product related to 3D sensing. Please spend some time read our recruitment document and feel free to ask if you have questions.

    Our website is (Will be updated before E3 2014). I also get one video below to show the user experience of our own gesture control system. The comparison has been done between Samsung's 2D gesture control and ours. Our performance is also much better than Ms Xbox One's system but that video will not be released till E3.

    Please feel free to send email to if you have any question.

    Thanks a lot.

    Looking forward to work with you.

    David X, Chen
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