Slow amd opteron 148 performance

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    oh so you have a socket 939 opteron

    ps: there are a lot of warnings on msi's web page for memory :

    "The Maximum memory speed decreases when the following two memory combination is selected:
    - Each channel is installed with two double-sided memory module
    - Both DIMM1 and DIMM3 are installed with double-sided memory module"

    "Due to the South Bridge resource deployment, the system density will only be detected up to 3+ GB (not full 4GB) when each DIMM is installed with an 1GB memory module"

    "Due to the High Performance Memory design, motherboards or system configurations may or may not operate smoothly at the JEDEC (Joint Electron Device Engineering Council) standard settings (BIOS Default on the motherboard) such as DDR voltage, memory speeds and memory timing. Please confirm and adjust your memory setting in the BIOS accordingly for better system stability.
    Example: Kingston HyperX DDR500 PC4000 operates at 2.65V, 3-4-4-8, CL=3.
    For more information about specification of high performance memory modules, please check with your Memory Manufactures for more details."

    Your memory runs a 2.65v but acccording to the webpage the board only supports up to 2.5v
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    It does now show the full 4gb (atleast at post) after I changed some "mapping" feature and bios shows the memory voltage to be at 2.65. I've had it over 2.7 also when I tried overclocking.

    Anyhow, it's not even my computer we're talking about. It's my friends and he doesn't care, so heck, I won't care. We can just leave this issue.

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