Remnant 2 [XSBSX|S, PC, PS5]

It's my understanding the first one had a ton of bugs at launch but it eventually became really good. So now I am more interested in this although I will likely play it on pc vs my xbox
Epic gave the original away for free so just wait a few years heh. I hadn't heard of it before but played a few hours of it with a friend. Meh. But I know loot extravaganzas with super difficulty might have an audience.
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The boss designs are fantastic. Just started it last night. Playing with two friends on whatever the hardest setting is. We beat two bosses and got to a third one and just kept getting wiped. The three bosses were very different. Feels like a better version of the first game. Not wildly different.
There are some really nice areas in this game. Photo mode would be cool. I don't think it has one. This geometry is really detailed if you get close. I'm playing DLSS performance @1440p here with a bunch of settings turned down. Can't remember exactly what.

Remnant2   2023-08-28 10_01_43 PM.jpg

--Performance and Crashes--

Fixed an issue with Archon’s Chaos Gate skill that was impacting performance.
Fixed an issue with Archon’s Havoc Form skill that was impacting performance.
Improved performance on all stages of Annihilation Boss Fight.
Fixed an issue where picking up an item would cause a small lag hitch for hosts.
Various crash fixes and optimizations.
Added a Detailed Geometry video option, which is enabled by default.

DEV NOTE: This option allows for users to disable the setting to reduce environmental geometry detail. This will improve the maximum performance for those with high end CPUs.

Added a lower Graphics Quality Preset named “Potato”.

DEV NOTE: The Potato preset allows for low end systems to more aggressively disable expensive rendering features. Helping them achieve higher frame rates and smoother gameplay.

Streamlined backend connection when joining players games.

DEV NOTE: This should address several issues including general failures to connect after “connecting” screen and joining games while using a character with a lot of gear and items.
I’ve gone back to this. Remarkably good game. A lot of different quests and bosses on the second play. Lots of varied secrets. Way more items than the first game to come up with interesting builds.

Haven’t played any of the dlc yet. Once this play through is done my friend is getting the dlc.


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Game design on Remnant 2 is great. I'm on my third play through and it doesn't feel like grinding because there are always secrets i missed, and the randomized events and story lines on each world mean each play through offers something different. I think a 4th play would start to feel grindy because I've probably just about played every scenario.

My recommendation is do not spoil the game for yourself. Play through the game twice before you start looking up anything you might have missed. There are absolutely bonkers secrets that are very hard to find, but trying things differently is one of the fun parts of the game. There are cool options for different scenarios that you can get many different rewards from, depending on what you do. Don't spoil the game by looking up builds and then how to get the items you need. Find things naturally and play with what you have.

I'd say skip the lowest difficulty. If you aren't great at shooters, start on the second difficulty. If you're good at headshotting and think you can reliably hit weak spots, play the third difficulty. The hardest setting is actually very hard and you need builds to make progress there. There are TONS of items, a whole bunch of classes to find/unlock and a lot of guns and mods, so you can come up with really cool builds.