Quake II


Quake 2 dropped

Visual enhancement's , new content , multiplayer , co-op , up to 120/4k , Quake 2 64 maps , call of the machine episodes from machine games

The developers have also revealed that the hellish shooter is now available on all platforms such as the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and the Nintendo Switch. Not to be forgotten, it will also be playable on PC platforms as well including Game Pass.
had it on PC and PS1 back in the day.
They should do a VR mode.
MS doesn't have a headset on consoles so I doubt they would focus on vr and I highly doubt they would give sony and special sku's. So perhaps quake 2 vr would happen on pc.
Do the console versions have mouse and keyboard support?
That 360 version was more or less unplayable with a controller (although I still finished it).
I don't see any mention of it , however quake 1 remaster supported it
Well, Nightdive doesn't respond to queries about the matter on twitter. Neither does Bethesda. Or Xbox.
I guess nobody who bought this game for console owns a mouse. Nobody in any gaming forums seems to know. Neither do any youtubers who have been playing it all day.
What an incredible mystery.
read as of recently they are working on a remaster of the game. I bought the game on PC Gamepass already some time ago
Have now gotten word from multiple sources that the M/KB support is bugged. It stops working after an uncertain amount of time.
Perhaps that's why Nightdive hasn't responded yet.
Having not long ago just played through Quake 2 RTX I'm not in the mood to play through Q2 yet again
Although I'll probably pick it up sometime in the future.
completed today, the pc gamepass version, which I purchased months ago. Probably the first game I've ever completed at a stable 165fps. I had this game back in the day but I barely played it 'cos my computer was a bit slow for it and thus I have no love for this game. I can see the appeal, like almost 30 years ago, the weapons and the textures looked so cool. But yeah, I prefer the first Quake a lot more.

I am surprised at this game's difficulty. Even at Easy difficulty level,the game can be brutal. I played it with a gamepad tbh, but I don't think it should be a lot easier with a kb/mouse combo. Additionally, I am not playing many fps games nowadays, if any. I've played many fps, although I prefer to play tactical -turn based style in many cases- games as of late.

The Vulkan version might be better for my GPU but I switched to the DX11 version because of Auto HDR, and the game runs very well.

The original Quake still remains my favourite Quake game to date. The atmosphere has never been replicated in another Quake game, nor the ambient sound, imho, nor the art style.
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I also completed the Nintendo 64 port of the game in the Quake II Remastered remake. I found it more fun than the original Quake 2 experience, specially because of the level design. Still a hard game even on easy -played on a gamepad- but more manageable, also the final boss of the original isn't in this version -unless I missed something-.
So how does the N64 version end?
none of the endings is exciting but the N64 is just..... Again, maybe I missed something..., I played it on easy, challenging enough for me when playing on a gamepad