Persona 3 Reload [PS4, PS5, XO, XBSX|S, PC, XGP]

Loving this one, of course. I wish they'd put in a TINY bit more effort with the graphics, but I can't really complain about everything else. Still a beautiful game, just stuck with PS3-level assets. I do miss the big dungeons from P5, this procedural Tartarus really isn't anywhere near as good as those beautifully constructed levels.
I strongly believe this game will be released on the Switch 2. I think that is why they decided to skip the Switch this time. We will see what happens with it next year.
This game has a very well done online feature for a purely single player game. It's completely optional and only serves to enhance the experience, and the game will work just fine once the servers are turned off.

So far my only complaint is that I didn't try this series years ago. Love the characters, writing, style, music, gameplay and everything. The graphics are fine and it runs completely smooth at 4K (1080p + 200% which I assume means 4K) on my 4070.

Oh one real complaint is I wish you could skip some animations in battle and for stuff like entering the Velvet Room. But it's not a big deal and they do let you fast forward or skip most things though I mostly don't unless I've reverted to a previous save cause I messed something up.