Guerrilla's dev team answers questions

aaronspink said:
For instance, I'm under several NDA's some of which I can disclose what the NDA is/covers and others that I can't acknowledge that they exist.

Aaron Spink
speaking for myself inc.
So, you just broke a NDA! :LOL:
nelg said:
So, you just broke a NDA! :LOL:

Well not necessarily, the existance of them only matters in conjunction to what they are related to.

I have a couple NDAs that I'm not supposed to talk about, but their existance in general doesn't matter so much as me saying I have an NDA relating to X, Y, or Z.
I remember when the MGS2 demo for PS2 came out and I was blown away. I did what any nerdy coder would do and try to look into what it was doing. So we had snap at the video memory, just to see if it really was real-time, and we found some hidden Japanese text, and - to our surprise - a URL. So we typed the URL into our browser and found...

...a page-visit counter

just that. a counter.

Then I realized: Crap. Caught.

A dev from GG said this on their board. I thought it was funny, yet interesting.

poster said:
How much has the development team grown since the original killzone? Have any of you gotten the chance to meet any of them, and if so do some of them have a really good game development history?

GG dev-I know that at one point it was 10 people, but that was before my time here. When I joined it was about 60 people over two teams I think. Now I think there is almost 110 people all in all, but I don't know for sure. There is so many new people here now that I've stopped trying to know them all.

poster said:
This would lead me to believe that the PS3 should be able to virtually eliminate lag. Am I correct in assuming this?

GG dev- Lag will definitely be less because of Cell, because it's fast and can do a lot of stuff at the same time, it's more likely the software can respond to network stuff quickly. So there's still a bottleneck with your internet connection, but because Cell is so fast it'll get better. That's why I was correcting myself. Because Cell is much faster than the PS2 it'll be much better equipped to be session master, and to process data from lots of players. We can also spend more time on voice processing/compression, visibility determination and other ways to make sure the game runs more fluid in multiplayer.
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