Essential Software for a New Windows 8 PC

Discussion in 'PC Hardware, Software and Displays' started by Acert93, Jun 29, 2013.

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    I'm old-fashioned so I have to mention Total Commander!
    Ideally you want Ultima Prime mod of it with tons of useful apps already integrated.
    I use it everyday, especially useful when working with customer PC's as it can be ran from USB with all plugins without installation.
    Android version has great plugin to browse SMB networks and connect to FTP's straight from your mobile.
  2. grndzro


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    The built in windows 8 firewall is pretty good

    Disable Defender & Microsoft Security Essentials, Use Avast free AV it handles spyware as well

    Disable search indexing

    Use SrWare Iron Internet browser, based on Chrome 31 but faster, more stable, and can use Chrome extensions. Get FVD speed dial/FVD sync, Adblock, Flashblock, Web of Trust,Surf Canyon(Much better search results from google/Bing....etc)
    Firefox has been pretty buggy lately

    Get VLC, Get Mega codec pack + Media player classic

    Get Free download manager(FDM)Integrates right into Iron/chrome

    Get Open hardware monitor

    Activate Superuser mode: Command Prompt > Run as Administrator.
    Enter the following command: "net user administrator /active:yes"

    Not too familiar with Back up's but I hear Carbonite online backup is very good. Otherwise just get a 2nd hard drive and install linux/windows on it too. use it to store files you cannot replace.

    Do not use Microsoft anything except the Firewall. they are crap for security. Avast has the best detection rates and is very slim on resources.
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    I may need to reinstall windows 8 on my main rig due to some issues I unfortunately am the cause of (nuking flash dlls off the system drive without realizing flash is now part of the OS in effect, thus preventing me from rolling back the change.)

    Problem is, the plastic label with the windows product key on it is so fucking hard to read I can't do it. My eyesight has gotten much worse these last couple years, and tiny fonts and bad contrast, combined with a busy colorful background and just plain poor print quality (thank you microsoft!) makes the text nearly illegible to me. Is that a Z or number 2, a Q or number 0, a B or number 8, and so on and so forth.

    So... Does anyone know of a windows registry key recovery tool that's simple and at least somewhat easy to use? I tried googling, but there's so much crapware links and stuff, I don't know what to trust.

    Thanks a lot in advance!
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    Take a picture of it with your phone and blow it up?
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    I chose Winkeyfinder but it didn't correctly report my Winows 8.1 key. I then chose the recommended program, Belarc Adviser, and it found the key that Microsoft sent me "to add Windows 8 Media Center Pack to your PC running Windows 8 Pro".

    I don't know if that key would allow me to do a clean install. I have my original key saved in the e-mail from Microsoft that was sent when I bought Windows 8, online.

    I guess you could try it and if it matches what you can read then it should be ok. I guess.
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    Just do like I do, get a pair of reading glasses (basically just a couple magnifying lenses in a frame) from a local grocery store. Mine cost me a whole 3 USD and has saved my sanity from trying to read text that is too small for me to comfortably read anymore.

    Or if you have prescription glasses, just get a magnifying glass.


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