Diabotical Rogue (PC/Steam)



Diabotical was a fun quake clone with these weird egg-shaped robots. Now Diabotical Rogue is very similar but with some rogue-lite mixed in, and a bunch of new game modes in the works. Going to check it out.

So it's starting with 4v4 and a larger warmup mode, and they're going to add a moba-inspired large game mode. Then I guess there's another mode being worked on with some former Counter-Strike pros. Could be interesting. Guess it's not just an arena game.

They also have a custom game engine called Glitch, which is kind of cool for a small project like this. Here's a nice little talk about the game. It's actually cool. They hire people out of the community. Sounds like they have a bunch of former quake pros making maps etc.

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