Sclerosis: an Amnesia PS1 demake (Amnesia: The Dark Descent) [Android 8.1+, PC]


Entirely Suboptimal
I'm always looking for cool indie horror games. Last week I came across this re-creation of Amnesia: The Dark Descent by a team/person called CreaTeam. It's made with Unity and it feels just like the original game. Actually, exactly like the original game. Atmosphere, visuals, sound, and everything else. It runs well on devices with 3GB or more RAM. It has some enhancements like SSAO and also a PS1 mode for some retro visuals that are all the rage these days. There is also a "safe mode" for folks who can only handle so much terror. :D

It also has reconfigurable touch controls and plays well. Even manipulating objects is easy.

And there is apparently a PC version too.



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Cool, gonna try this on my tablet. The visuals made me think of The Dementium on the Nintendo DS.

Cool. I tried it on a phone and a couple of tablets and it ran well on each. Tegra X1, Adreno 530 and Adreno 610. The Pixel C's 3GB prevents running max quality though. And they didn't design it to fit 4:3 so on my Galaxy Tab S3 the menus are a bit cropped heh.

I wanted to try it on Nexus 9 Tegra K1 but I think either 2GB isn't allowed or even with a custom Android 8.1 build the Play Store assumes the device is on an older OS.