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    This is the best matrix description I've seen so far . I found it out there but I don't know how to attibute it too so reproduced without permission :wink: This basically goes with what I was thinking. When the acrchetect succeeds into getting a "neo" to choose the door the causes him to reinsert the prime program the matrix will be complete and "go gold"

    start paste :

    Sorry to start another thread on this, but I'm wondering what the people that have seen this thought it was all about.

    How did Neo stop those worm type things back in the "real" world? etc..

    Here's something I found on the web - not sure if the person is right, but sounds pretty good..


    I am not sure if to many people truly understand what this movie is actually saying, so I will try to explain it for those that don't get what they just saw.

    The first thing I recommend is that you try to remove your ego, people all have them - so they believe that the movie must be about people. But actually it is about software and mainframe code.

    The main computer has been caught in a loop cycle for 5 iterations, and it is trying to find a variance that will break this cycle by utilizing a random bit anomaly piece of software (Neo), to allow it to fully complete its cycle. It has tried this before, but has always failed and in its attempts.

    It is trying to factor in all variables of its program to make absolute sure of complete success before it attempts to actually implement the complete procedure, like an good piece of software (debugging iteself - "it is the why that is important").

    Beta software waiting to go gold. The only factor that was not counted on was an anomaly of two programs intersecting and one becoming a self-replicating virus bent on absolute destruction (Smith), and the anomoly (Neo) complementing his program with protectorate software. This is a brilliant movie, that once you wrap your head around, is really just an ultimate version of Tron with no human watchers (Jeff Bridges), of a computer SuperNoc running through a simulation with all possible factors being worked first, before it initializes the program for real.

    If Neo completes his role and meets his ultimate purpose as software, then our hero allows the computer to see all variances that it will need to contend with, so that it can fully implement the real program on our world.

    Matrix - main base operating system.

    Zion - secondary operating system for software that can no longer can function in main sytem - but can be utilized to build new a matrix system.

    Neo - Random bit anomaly software for breaking loop cycle � utilized by the Oracle and Architect software to be a random variable to upgrade itself � upgraded with protectorate code from.... Smith (Anti-Virus).

    Trinity - complement software to aid in Neo's completion of purpose.

    Morpheus and crew - collector programs for mainframe to try to enable the end of the loop cycle.

    Architect - Mainframe operating system.

    Oracle - old Macro Software that has been part of all 5 iterations of the loop and can see all variances.

    Oracle's Protector, Seraph - Mainframe hard code software.

    Merovingian - old Neo that did not fully implement objective in beta 5.0.

    Merovingian's wife - Old Trinity code.

    Twins, and Merovingian's guards - old base black ice protector code.

    Head Counselor in Zion - Advisor for Mainframe that advises Neo along his upgrade to not touch the main bios (engineering) systems.

    Key Maker - come on now, too easy, a simple keygen.

    Smith - self-replicating virus - now capable of moving to either system � infused with anomaly code from Neo.

    I truly loved this movie and it is so amazingly deep compared to the first if you know what it really happening. I hope this helps anyone who walked out of the theater like 95% of the crowd I saw it with, scratching their heads thinking, "What the f**K, that was stupid I don�t get it."

    I am stating that what I am saying is absolute, but if you watch the movie and listen to what they all truly are saying it seems pretty obvious. Be wary all, your hero is our destruction, enjoy � All your base are belong to us.

    end paste:
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    yea ... thats great. The movies were sub par to say the least. We have another star wars on our hands .

    They went to full of themselves and really the second movie should not have ended wehre it is . They needed to explain just a little bit more .
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    i plan on reserving my judgement of the movie until i see the third part. there are many parts of the movie that were interesting but not thought provoking. And some down right silly (rave scene). Seeing the third movie might make it the second more palatable to many people.


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