Windows 10 [2018]

Oh super :)
Finding cursor on a 42" 4k can be pretty hard lol.

Edit: for finding the mouse I think I prefer the one in Additional Mouse Options -> Pointer Options 'show location of pointer when I press the CTRL key'
yes I prefer to have the method it is for the mouse pointer is indicated for the cursor instead. I never have a problem with the mouse pointer, just waggle the mouse and your eyes see the movement, its the cursor I always have problems finding, not the mouse pointer.

I'm in the same boat 32" 4k 100% scaling. I only really use the left 3/4 of the screen as I physically have to move my head to see the stuff on the right as its too blurry due to my eyesight. recently can't read things close easily with my glasses on, first the phone but now monitor (age deterioration) esp for the first hour after I woke up I could see bugger all thus would have to remove glasses and put my face closer to the screen to read anything, after a while I just moved the screen closer, got rid of the glasses & reduced scaling from 150%->100% (hell of a lot more on screen now, I should of done this years ago)
My windows 10 pc seems to has been accessed by someone. How to check?

I've checked remote desktop event log and it does have strange WDM activation at 3 AM. But it didn't log the ip address. Usually ip address is logged there, before the WDM activated.

Checked chrome remote desktop log, and it also got activity at 3AM but no ip address logged.

Any other logs I can check to give a better view of the situation?

turns out 2:58 AM windows update did an auto reboot. So these logs around 3AM probably just the ritual windows did after it finished installing a bunch of system updates.

gotta look for another suspicious timeframe then


i am fucking DUMB!

case already closed, the "PC seems has been accessed by someone" was because i saw the opened apps was changed.

but as i already can see from the logs. windows was doing a forced reboot around 3 AM. Thus probably the changes in opened apps was due to Windows trying to resume the previous session before reboot, but failed spectacularly (only a few chrome and edge windows were re-opened, everything else are not re-opened).
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This DNS tunneling is to address situations where some WSL users can't access the Internet due to the networking packet for DNS being sent by the VM to the Windows host being blocked either due to firewall settings, VPNs, or other network scenarios.
With DNS tunneling proving itself worthwhile and stable over the past number of months, Microsoft is now enabling it by default to provide a more robust and reliable network experience out-of-the-box on WSL. With WSL 2.2.1, Microsoft has also integrated DNS tunneling with the Linux-native Docker support.

WSL 2.2.1 also changes the default reclamation mode to drop cache, fixes a hang in certain situations, updates against a newer Linux 5.15 LTS kernel revision, and has other updates as noted on GitHub.
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April 18, 2024
Microsoft will incentivize Windows 10 users to switch to a Microsoft account
Bad news, the Redmond company has just launched a new update for Windows 10 Insiders, build 19045.4353 which at first glance is not very crazy... But if you take a closer look, there's still something that might make you tick: A banner in Settings to push you to abandon your good old local account and switch to a Microsoft account.

We wonder why Microsoft is so keen that we all have an account with them on our machines. Okay, I guess it's related to all their online features, like syncing settings, cloud backups, simplified subscription management, all that but hey, it's getting a bit pushy I think. It almost feels like an incentive to switch to Linux ^^.

Microsoft's war against local accounts on Windows is a pain in the ass, even Elon Musk who freaked out when he discovered that he couldn't install Windows 11 without a Microsoft account. The good thing we have under Windows 10 is that we can still get around this forcing without worrying too much during the initial installation, but under Windows 11, on the other hand, it's a different story... You can't use a local profile unless you know the trick based on .oobe\bypassnro
April 18, 2024
Microsoft will incentivize Windows 10 users to switch to a Microsoft account
I installed windows 11 without a microsoft account did they change something recently ?
I installed windows 11 without a microsoft account did they change something recently ?
Not sure. Toms Hardware wrote an article in Feb. 2024 regarding how to install w/o a Microsoft account so maybe around that time.

Edit: After reading the THW article comments it may have been the default setting for a while.
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Windows 10 has not said its last word for new features
As part of its Windows Insider program, Microsoft is announcing the opening of a beta channel for Windows 10. This is a surprise reopening, since the end of support for this operating system is set for October 14, 2025.

The initiative aims to test new features and improvements, before offering them to the average Windows 10 user. Their final contribution will be in version 22H2 of Windows 10.

Microsoft warns, however, that not everything tested in the beta channel will necessarily make it to the stable version of Windows 10. "Features may change over time, be removed or replaced, and never be released beyond Windows Insiders. "
Recall that Microsoft has planned paid security updates for Windows 10, in order to extend its lifespan beyond October 14, 2025. With an annual and renewable commitment for three years, the price to pay is known for companies, organizations and professionals, but not yet for individuals who are the big news with this ESU (Extended Security Update) program.

According to figures from StatCounter and in the Windows desktop family, Windows 10's market share is more than 68%, while Windows 11's is close to 28%. In France, Windows 10 is even at more than 70%.