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Discussion in 'Console Gaming' started by Shortbread, Dec 10, 2019.

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    There are two metrics for ads, clicks and sales. If Bing produces a high number of the former but a low number of the latter then that is no good for advertisers so they will pay Microsoft less for ads. So what happens when Microsoft are getting less ad revenue and making revenue-driven services like GamePass available without giving them any money?

    I'm assuming Microsoft are not stupid and I'm sure their business model is not to scam advertisers to allow them to offer GamePass without some people paying for it. :???:
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    interesting side discussion. In my limited time as digital marketing manager, I imagine CTR rates would just be lower on Bing than they would be on Google. Typically you pay for ads shown on pages (position) and you pay for the conversion. Typically I would assume if a search engine wasn't as popular as google, (which none are, and all my assumptions are based off advertising on google) I suspect it would just cost a lot less for everything. So perhaps it's easier or cheaper to get to the top of the page for Bing. Which isn't a terrible thing, if you can segment off 2.5% of the population and own the advertising of a subset of search engine providers.

    I use Ecosia (which uses Bing), the usage rate is high enough to generate trees per minute. So I imagine Bing must be making decent money.
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    Bing puts ads in the headlines and I click on them on accident pretty often. Sometimes twice because the ad changes after you click on it. It looks just like a headline.

    Also, the daily set items usually include and opinion (pancakes or waffles), a quiz about something topical (trivia about presidents on presidents day) and one you just click on and it takes you someplace. That one is basically an add. It will take you to a store page about an app or movie, mattresses, or something like that. Basically a free ad click for them.

    The quizzes and opinions load bing searches when you click on answers. I'm sure that's by design also.
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    Just to add (as I think this should be spun off).
    Search isn't only people doing web page searches.
    It's services that makes use of them.
    Probably why yahoo even showed up in that list.

    The funny thing is, even though I'm just clicking through to earn rewards on things like trending, I do end up actually picking up on things that peeks my interest, and same with things like the quizzes.
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