HDMI 2.1 chip used in many AVRs probably buggy

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    Google translation:

    Sound United was the first manufacturer to announce a solution to the HDMI compatibility problem with its Denon and Marantz branded AV receivers.

    Specifically, the problem lies in a faulty implementation of the FRL ("Fixed Rate Link") transmission method introduced with HDMI 2.1 in the AV receiver's HDMI chip. The devices work flawlessly with Sony's Playstation 5, as it uses the same method for HDMI 2.1 transmission as the XSX, but sends the video bits (to put it simply) in a different pattern over the lines.

    Sound United now wants to provide a new "HDMI adapter" SPK618 as a solution to the compatibility problem with its Denon and Marantz AV receivers, which will be delivered in Europe from the end of May. Affected customers in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands will receive the low-profile box for connection to the AV receiver free of charge during the warranty period. The processing takes place via a special website from Denon (support) and Marantz (support) , which will go online in mid-May.

    According to Sound United, the Denon and Marantz brand AV receivers have been produced with a revised and therefore error-free HDMI chip since April. An exchange is not necessary here. Whether buyers have acquired one of the affected devices is therefore checked on the addressed websites.

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    Finally! A true standard that really just works.

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