Any PCi WiFi Card Recommendations?

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    I’ve currently got a Linksys Wireless-G which is rubbish, I’ve persevered with it for over two years now but I’ve just about had enough. It frequently drops it’s connection and has very high pings and lag spikes in games. I used to get unplayable pings for FPS games using the Windows Zero Config tool. I then changed to the Linksys driver, this made gaming just about bearable on a good day but the connection then suffered from dropouts, and every now and then the drivers would forget the connection settings! Now I’m using the RALink drivers from the chipset manufacturer and while these provide the best gaming experience (still not great, especially considering the PC is only about 6m and 1 doorway from the router) the PC drops the connection the first time I send something different over the network. For example; check e-mails = connection drops, watch video on youtube = connection drop, update AVG = connection drop.

    By contrast my girlfriends Dell laptop’s wifi connection to the same router is faultless.

    To be honest I thought I couldn’t go wrong with LinkSys as they are part of Cisco, but it would appear I’m not the only one with problems, so the time has come for a replacement. So who makes the best wifi cards? The router is from Sky Broadband which I think is a Netgear if that makes any difference.

    Cheers :)

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