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    Apr 8, 2008
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    A High end VFX studio in central Istanbul is looking for a 3D TD GENERALIST.

    Thorough knowledge of the principles of 3D (animation, FX, modelling, texturing, lighting, scripting, shading, rendering, rigging). We appreciate that the candidate may have varying levels of knowledge in these fields. Full working knowledge of Maya. You would need to be comfortable with the more technical aspects of CG work, and have a good sense of the artistic side as well. Programming or scripting skills (e.g. mel, python) are essential. Familiarity with pipeline issues and a typical post production environment. Familiarity with render farms, hardware etc, should be able to communicate with the IT on the needs of the pipeline or project needs. Minimum of 5 years experience on feature films and or TV commercials. Experience in other areas of visual effects (TV, games) would also be taken into account.


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