cell is dead

  1. BRiT

    Digital Foundry Retro Discussion [2022]

    New Year, New Thread, Same old retro gaming topics. Old Thread @ https://forum.beyond3d.com/threads/digital-foundry-retro-discussion-2021.62232/ Rules of Engagement : Read before posting or run the risk of losing posting rights in the Tech Forum! This is principally a technical discussion...
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    Playstation 5 [PS5] [Release November 12 2020]

    This is it! (We Hope) Playstation 5 revealed: https://blog.us.playstation.com/2020/03/18/unveiling-new-details-of-playstation-5-hardware-technical-specs/ Digital Foundry Article...
  3. Shifty Geezer

    Cell's dead baby, Cell's dead. Even in its final form. *spawn*

    This is where Cell would have been cool. Same processor in consoles and TVs. Same apps. Same security in TV as consoles. Cross device games (TV could be console lite). *sigh*
  4. P

    Be thankful for Cell ... *mitosis*

    I would say that the modern console games are improved only because of Cell. 1. Cell taught developers how to parallelize their code 2. Cell taught developers how to use data-driven software design. 3. Cell taught developers how to use asynchronous compute. Without Cell we would still be getting...
  5. Shifty Geezer

    Predict: Next gen console tech (9th iteration and 10th iteration edition) [2014 - 2017]

    The companion thread to this epic, make your technology-based predictions for next-gen consoles, 9th generation, following on from XBox One and PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Wii U. This thread is predicated on there actually being a next-gen console. If you believe things will be radically...
  6. P

    Interesting News [ Delussions of Grandeur Cell ]