XFX GeForce4 Ti4200 Turbo 128MB Review

Discussion in 'Beyond3D News' started by Dave Baumann, Apr 22, 2003.

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    GeForce4's have been around for in excess of a year now, but with NVIDIA busily announcing their DirectX9 range their AIB's are still short on supplies of these new chips and are getting on with the business of selling their current line. XFX, a relative new brand name to the world of NVIDIA based graphics, have let us review their GeForce4 Ti4200 Turbo NV28 based board. Does this board manage to differentiate itself in a crowded world of NVIDIA add-in boards? Does this have what it takes to be worthwhile in the light of DX9 boards being released? Our review takes a detailed look at the board and what it can still offer us...<blockquote>"When we compare the XFX board against the GeForce4 Ti4200 reference board, and the GeForce4 Ti4600 board we see that in fact the XFX Ti4200 boards more of a resemblance to the Ti4600 board. This resemblance is more that purely skin deep, as the XFX board uses the 8 layer Ti4600 board, rather then the 6 layer Ti4200, as its reference. The XFX Ti4600 here also uses an 8 layer board, and Ti4600's power regulation circuitry in order to allow the board stable overclocking speeds close to, or beyond, standard Ti4600."</blockquote>Read the full review here
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    4200ti review

    Hmmmmm. Why even buy this card? Go with the 9500pro. Or the 9600pro. Or even the 9700 non-pro.

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