Xbox Series S RAM options

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    Yea, that's not taking into account even the OS allocation much less everything else.

    Just saying no one (here) would think it equates to those sorts of figures.
    Don't believe everything that's exposed in DX12U was exposed before either. Whether that be due to drivers or just api I don't know.
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    Forza Horizon 3 and 4 also required Tiled Resources Tier 1.

    So the only games I've seen that support the feature have only been MS first party titles.

    Looking at some newer UE4 titles, like Outriders and such, there is no option to turn on/off tiled resources. And if AF is free with tiled resources on, then we would expect Xbox to have the maximum AF allowable, which it doesn't. It's quite low.

    So the technology is there and has always been available to use, but on PC it was locked to certain versions of windows (Win 8) and at the time made no sense for anyone to pursue. Not to mention other limitations around the technology itself. Moving into DX12U generation (and most people now on Win10), yes, I believe you are more likely to see TR/PRT supported because the baseline of consoles has all shifted upwards, perhaps even take use of SFS. But modifying VT systems do take time.

    Just need to wait and see.
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