Why does Apple have a very different design language?


Elite Bug Hunter
and its not just for 1st party app. but also for 3rd party apps that are in appple platform. A few i encoutered

  • "recent" files in powerpoint in iOS only shows the files that was recently opened from powerpoint. Files recently opened via file browser didnt appear.
  • stopping a navigation in apple maps is hidden behind a "v" button in iOS
  • turning off = a feat of multiple simultaneous button presses. or go into settings submenu.
I've given up on any mobile app or even Apple themselves doing anything even remotely sane or logical in iOS. The amount of frustration involved in doing even the simplest settings changes sometimes on my iPhone 12 or iPad is just blah...

Like going into the app store and looking for an app with my Apple tablet for my iPhone because it has a larger and easier to read screen. Only some apps don't work on the tablet for whatever god-forsaken reason. OK, no problem, there's a little drop down filter that you can set to show only apps that work on the the iPhone. Oh, what? You mean it does absolutely nothing? It still won't show apps that will only work on the iPhone? What a piece of garbage design. Why even put that #$#@ing setting in there?