What's your favorite iOS apps?

Discussion in 'PC Hardware, Software and Displays' started by Grall, Mar 27, 2011.

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    I've had my iPhone for a couple months now, but don't have very many apps for it yet. While there's no real point in hoarding lots of apps, there are useful ones floating about out there that could serve some purpose if I'd just know about it.

    Right now, the most used app I got is Spotify, it's fuckin awesome IMO (although slightly bugged; it needs to be restarted every other day or so or it'll lose its network connection for no apparant reason.) I've also got Apple's Find my iPhone thingy (although if I ever need to use it that just signifies how fail I am... Lol), Blizzard's mobile armory which I never use, Skype (never use), CNN and Wikipedia, and as the lone game, Square's Secret of Mana, because it is on sale right now and was hella cheap.

    It also happened to be a pretty spliffy SNES game back in the day, so it might be money well spent if I decide to start it up someday! :D Haven't actually given it a shot yet, so I don't know how it plays with touchscreen controls (I'm a little wary...)

    I'd love to try some starchart app for example, I know there's a slew of those but I don't know which one(s) are any damn good. And I'm not going to start spending money haphazardly in order to find out either. :razz: Free apps will of course always be a prime focus.

    I've been thinking of buying Layers; digital painting has always been a fascination for me, and I've heard it's a very high quality app. I could imagine myself spending money on something like this, but for most other situations, the price of free is the right one for me. After all, I'm not made of cash.

    So, what do you peeps like, huh?!

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