What's the state of PS3 Linux Cell development?


so after a full 2 full years of watching,and waiting we can say to the question put
"What's the state of PS3 Linux Cell development? "....

its got tools, the data sheets,yet another new YD6.2, and plenty of existing open code to expand on, but NO OSS (even part time) developers Even After ALL This Time, wants to make the time to do any real serious or even fun coding porting on it for even the ONE Thing it was supposed to be GOOD at,and advertised as such...,
fast end consumer SPE x264 video HD H@L4.1 Encoding, Transcoding and the like, no one even bothered to compile any HD content HDTV player servers GUI's to run there....

but they will gladly use the PS3 for streaming their HD AVC content from their x86 PCs and apps perfectly fine to their HDTV's ....on a daily basis with the likes of the Java PS3 Media server/Tversity Realtime TransCoders etc...

thats just sad. :cry: , at least the xbox360 user/devs have got a good excuse not to run and code up/patch any PPC linux apps on their 3xPPC HD boxs.

meanwhile back in x86/64 land, x264 the best Encoder at any price continues to be patched for even more quality and speed improvements on a daily basis, *-crf modes and the very latest cutting edge "x264 "Macroblock Tree Ratecontrol" testing (Release candidate)" http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=148686 now commited yesturday, being a case in point.

"Constant quality mode (also known as constant ratefactor). Bitrate corresponds approximately to that of constant quantizer, but gives better quality overall at little speed cost. The best one-pass option in x264."

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