What are you playing now? [2023]

Bored of Alan Wake 2 so jumped in to Robocop and it's god damn awesome!!!

Can look bloody amazing in places too!!

It's very geometrically rich thanks to Nanite and lighting looks good thanks to Lumen.

Max settings at native 1440p + DLAA on a 4070ti and always over 60fps.


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    Screenshot 2023-11-12 014701.png
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Having a blast still!!!

There's some fizzle happening from Lumen but there's a mod that increases the quality so I might give that a go.

Interestingly, no stuttering either and it's the smoothest UE5 games I've played.


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Resident Evil 4 Remake (PS5)
Great game , can't believe I forgot most of the plot and gameplay of the classic one even though
I finished it probably 8-10 times (PS2) at the time.
My only gripe is graphics are a bit blurry, wish they were sharp like Callisto Protocol.
Nothing (my head is not into gaming right now) :/. Finished a BG3 run few weeks ago, and I'm waiting for a starfield patch to start it (I played 3-4 hours then stopped). After that, a new Cp2077 2.0 runs with the expansion.
Been playing a Barbarian in D4 Season 2, almost hit 100 and enjoying my build. Once I've maxed out his potential, it will be back mainly to Starfield. Hopefully the beta will be updated by then.
i've been playing it the past few days as it's a ps+ free game.
It's fun, and runs pretty well at 60fps most of the time, until i get messy with the pipe bombs in sandbox mode.

i imagine they toned down the physics compared to the PC version.
Making my way through Rifts Apart at the moment. Man that game looks gorgeous. Technically it's obviously top notch, but when combined with the cartoonish art style it really does feel like playing a modern Pixar movie.

Gameplay wise it's clearly a well put together game, but this style of play doesn't keep me engaged for very long at a time. I enjoy a quick blast of 30 mins or so but then start getting bored. It's probably better suited for kids in that regard. I'm still enjoying it and will certainly finish it, but from a gameplay point of view it's definitely less fun than the previous game I played which was Doom Eternal.
Playing Titanfall 3 again. Truly amazing in SP and MP.

I'm now too old for Normal MP but there's frontier defense MP that's very old people friendly.

Looks great with autoHDR, sounds great, plays great, and super fun
Quake II Remake.
They said they fixed the Berserker jump attack in one of the patches.
It needs more fixing.
The aiming implementation for gamepad is absolutely top-notch, though.
Ultra Widescreen really shines with racing and flight sims - there's a reason why people went with triple monitors for those games but not really for other genres.
Ultra Widescreen really shines with racing and flight sims - there's a reason why people went with triple monitors for those games but not really for other genres.
As somebody who is still a tiny bit bitter at the change from 16:10 to 16:9 as standard, I'm not a big fan of ultrawides outside cockpit sims like you're talking about(or as a replacement for dual monitors for side-by-side work). I just feel the proportions are really off for the vast majority of game content. I dont understand why people dont value vertical space at all. I agree with some horizontal-biasing, but not to the extremes we've seen things go.

Plus I dont ever have to miss out on some good games just cuz I'm so angry they dont support my non-standard monitor aspect ratio. :p