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Discussion in 'Industry Jobs' started by GK6789, May 12, 2009.

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    Hey guys and girls, i would like to introduce you my team, Yengeç Studio. The team is newly formed and still need some more men, so i cannot provide any profile right now. So the fact is, we got many ideas but lack the manpower to create them. These include games and animations -mostly 3d- and if possible some software too. You may wanna think how "impossible" it is to do such things before you close this window or just simply send an email to gk_6789@hotmail.com your application form including some of your free-time works and help us finishing our projects a little faster.

    First you may want to know more about the team , so let me give some details. Right now we are about 15 ppl all from turkey -most of us can speak english. We have started our first animation and game projects but things are happening a little slow at the moment so i have to do something about it. All projects will include turkish and english as 2 main languages, we'll try to put others when we can. And all projects will be licenced under cc , so everyone can share it freely. We communicate via msn and forum, and may include webcam/mic if required later.

    Before sending me an email you should know that Yengeç is NOT a company, don't be mistaken by the the name it's just a team so don't expect to get paid monthly. However, if someone donates, wants to post ad, upgrades to premium(yea we'll make mmo games too), or rents/buys our stuff, then we'll divide the income.

    Anyone can apply to join us, regardless of where you live, your age, skills, experience etc. Since we had some incidents before, i have to ask this first; join us only if you'll stay please. Leaving the team regardless of the reason, will cause trouble more than you think.

    Team members will always find their names in credits, and could put the project in their personal blog,cv,website,portfolio etc. , not to mention you'll be the first to watch/play.

    So here's what we want;
    -drawing(mostly sketch)
    -animation(flash or whatever you use)
    -modellers(mostly organic)
    -special effects
    -sound effects
    -music making
    -for windows (any lang.)
    -for web (php,html,asp or anything else)
    -handling the engine

    And of course writers are welcome too. Who knows, maybe we could start your project ;)

    P.S. it's over midnight here, so there could be spelling/grammar mistakes, and could have forgotten to include some skills we wanted. You can always contact me for more info.

    Gülbey Kasap
    email&msn: gk_6789@hotmail
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    In the Island of Sodor, where the steam trains lie
    Hos geldin Gülbey,
    Not sure if this is exactly what "Industry Jobs" is meant for, but we'll let it through.


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