VeriTest Declares AMD NVIDIA Business Platform Systems Deliver 'Excellent' Stability

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    VeriTest Declares AMD-Based NVIDIA Business Platform Systems Deliver 'Excellent' Stability
    Systems Based on AMD Commercial Stable Image Platform Program Are 'As Stable If Not More Stable' than Competitive Solutions after Comprehensive Stress and Benchmark Testing​

    SANTA CLARA, Calif. and SUNNYVALE, Calif., July 11 - AMD and NVIDIA Corporation
    , a worldwide leader in programmable graphics processor technologies, today announced the results of an independent study testing the stability and performance of NVIDIA Business Platform systems based on the AMD Commercial Stable Image Platform (AMD CSIP) program versus comparable systems based on the Intel commercial PC Stable Image Platform Program. The results, reported by respected third-party testing firm VeriTest(TM), the testing service of Lionbridge, concluded that NVIDIA Business Platform systems are "as stable, if not more stable," than competitive solutions.

    Designed with the goal of helping to lower total cost of ownership and enhance manageability, the NVIDIA Business Platform solution is built upon strong industry partnerships. AMD and NVIDIA are aligned through the AMD Commercial Stable Image Platform program, enabling offerings of PCs where both the underlying hardware and software configuration remain unchanged for at least one year.

    "With the NVIDIA Business Platform, Aspect can offer our customers a compelling AMD-based PC perfect for small and medium business, education, and government buyers," said Richard Liao, vice president, Aspect Computer Corp., a select NVIDIA Business Platform Certified system builder. "As proved by our participation in the VeriTest study, Aspect, AMD, and NVIDIA deliver the stability, quality, and reliability that customers demand."

    The VeriTest testing team conducted both benchmark and stability testing to simulate how the PCs would function in a highly demanding business environment. PC platform testing was conducted to evaluate performance with industry-standard benchmarks from VeriTest, PC World, SiSoftware, and Futuremark. In addition to the benchmark testing, stability testing of all PC platforms was performed using Passmark's BurnInTest Professional V5 utility, which evaluated how the systems functioned when placed under high-stress and high-load for an extended period.

    Key findings from the VeriTest study include:
    • NVIDIA Business Platform PCs Deliver Excellent Stability -- Both the NVIDIA Business Platform and Intel-based chipset systems passed a 15 day burn-in process in which both types of systems were subjected to high stress. The only exception was one of the Intel chipset-based PCs which failed this test after 24 hours.
    • Strong "Real-World" Benchmark Performance by NVIDIA -- Generally, the NVIDIA Business Platform-based machines produced higher benchmark scores on the benchmarks based on "real world" applications testing.
    • Inconsistent Intel Performance -- Some Intel chipset-based machines failed to run at least one of the benchmarks after more than 50 retries. One of these Intel chipset-based PCs also repeatedly failed the stability test at least once per day for the duration of the test.
    "We chose NVIDIA Business Platform PCs as core infrastructure for our video-surveillance security products," said Aspect customer Mike Womack, senior project manager, North American Video. "We have high confidence in the quality of these PCs, because of our confidence in the underlying AMD and NVIDIA technology to meet the 24/7 security needs of our customers."

    The complete report can be found on the VeriTest public reports Web page at<a href="" target="_b3dout"></a>.

    "AMD-based commercial platforms are simply a smarter choice in terms of stability and manageability for truly enterprise-ready solutions," said Marty Seyer, senior vice president, Commercial Segment, AMD. "Based on our proven track record with commercial solutions based on the AMD Opteron(TM) processor, AMD has achieved yet another milestone meeting the evolving client needs of business, government and education customers to deliver stronger, stable solutions for enterprise customers. Working with NVIDIA to offer stable platform configurations and enable easy and rapid system deployment, the NVIDIA Business Platform systems based on AMD CSIP help improve commercial PC management, while offering outstanding performance, platform features and choice."

    "As the NVIDIA-certified Aspect Computer and McKinnon Micro Tagar PCs demonstrate in the VeriTest study, the NVIDIA Business Platform enables system builders to offer commercial PCs that can stand up to the stiffest competition from Intel-based PCs," said Drew Henry, general manager of MCP products at NVIDIA. "Together, the AMD CSIP program and NVIDIA Business Platform continues to offer a stable image platform designed to help corporate IT managers reduce their total IT costs. The NVIDIA Business Platform is designed around AMD64 processors because of their commitment to stability, leading-edge performance, lower power consumption, and whisper-quiet operation."

    For more information on the NVIDIA Business Platform, or how to purchase certified NVIDIA Business Platform PCs, please visit <a href="" target="_b3dout"></a>.

    The AMD CSIP program supports AMD Athlon(TM) 64 X2 dual-core processors, AMD Athlon(TM) 64 processors and AMD Turion(TM) 64 mobile technology. Systems based on AMD64 technology offer leading-edge performance and full compatibility with existing software and future 64-bit applications, designed to provide outstanding productivity and extended system lifespan. For more information on the AMD CSIP program, visit <a href="" target="_b3dout"></a>.

    About AMD
    Advanced Micro Devices is a leading global provider of innovative microprocessor solutions for computing, communications and consumer electronics markets. Founded in 1969, AMD is dedicated to delivering superior computing solutions based on customer needs that empower users worldwide. For more information, visit <a href="" target="_b3dout"></a>.

    About NVIDIA
    NVIDIA Corporation is the worldwide leader in programmable graphics processor technologies. The Company creates innovative, industry-changing products for computing, consumer electronics, and mobile devices. NVIDIA is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA and has offices throughout Asia, Europe, and the Americas. For more information, visit <a href="" target="_b3dout"></a>.

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