UE5 Timeline; When will other games release using Unreal Engine 5? *spawn*

Discussion in 'Console Technology' started by lefantome, May 13, 2020.

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    "Looking at Unreal Engine, Epic only saw $124 million in revenue during 2018 and $97 million in revenue"
    From what I can see 2020 was $100 million. Mate they have >1000 employees OK a lot are working on fortnite and other things but I really don't see the engine being a big profit earner
    Apples revenue was 2,745 times larger than Epics engine was in 2020. Picking some random mundane thing -> 'Ice cream cones' made magnitudes more revenue than epics engine in 2020 , sure for you and me 100 million revenue is heaps but for a big company its chump change.

    Mate I was shocked how little it brings in, its the biggest engine used in the world by far, used in a string of high profile titles so like this guy I was expecting like 5-10x more
    "Epic doesn’t releases exact numbers, but annual revenue from liscensing the Unreal Engine is probably somewhere in the ballpark of a billion dollars (give or take fifty percent)"

    FWIW Unities revenue in 2019 was more than 5x Unreal Engines
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    I always thought UE3's ability to only render brodudes was one it's strangest technical limitations. :)

    Flying Wild Hog 's comments on the engine switch were interesting:


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