Trying to boot linux distro on a media streaming box

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    I am trying to boot a small linux distro(or a non-crippled version of android 4.4.2) on a media streaming device. The device already has a modified version of android 4.4.2 but is very crippled and can only run .pkg files(no google play store apps). Someone has found a way to root the device and enable telnet. They have also found a way through the firmware upgrade feature to flash another linux image to the device.

    I can't extract the pkg files either.

    Is there a way to either A)flash a fully functional android 4.4.2 or B) flash a small linux distro to the device without bricking it?

    I thought apple uses pkg files and from what I read so does solaris.

    Thank you for responding.
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    Although I have little experience of these devices myself, you may well be able to install Linux, depending on the actual brand and model of the device.

    I'd recommend that you check out the freaktab and slatedroid forums to see if people with similar devices to your own have provided instructions as to how to install Linux/Android ROMs.
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    .pkg is a file extension, ergo a set of three letters which can well be meaningless otherwise. I am sure there is no relation to pkg files used in Solaris, OSX or other places.

    You may try simply renaming them to .zip, or .jar or .apk and see if you can extract them.
    Google Play store is not strictly speaking part of Android, just like say the gmail application ;)
    Though I think software ought to come in .apk files still. A useful example of an alternate "store" or repository is F-Droid.

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