Trouble with HD res in SDL project


I'm working on a PS3 project that will eventually run from a stripped down linux distro. I'd like to forgo X11 if possible.

I've been writing it using 2D SDL to the framebuffer, running everything from the command line. But I can't get a resolution higher than 640x480. The PS3 framebuffer is set to mode 3 (720p@60hz), but if i set the SDL height and width to 1280x720, SDL fails to initialize.

X11 works in 720P just fine, so I'm not sure how to "unlock" it for SDL.


Try 1136x644, that's what mode 3 gives me.

If you want the full 1280x720 resolution, you need to specify the fullscreen flag:

ps3videomode -v 3 -f

which is equal to:

ps3videomode -v 131


thanks! 1136x644 worked.

unfortunately, ps3-video-mode -v 3 -f does not.

i wonder if this is has something to do with YellowDog 6.0. Everywhere else, the utility is called ps3videomode, but in 6.0 it has those hyphens. I wonder if the switches have changed and the help output does not reflect them...

still 1136x644 is good enough for now. i'll look into 720p later.