Toshiba's reengineered Cell SPU


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On June 14th Toshiba did this presentation at 2007 VLSI Symposia.
Session 5-4

A Design Methodology Realize an Over GHz
Synthesizable Streaming Processing Unit

A 7.07mm2 synthesizable Streaming Processing Unit (SPU) is fabricated in a 65nm CMOS technology with 8 level copper layers which is migrated from its original custom design to a synthesizable design to get higher design portability with small performance reduction. The logic area is 20% smaller in addition to process scaling factor. Correct functional operation is realized at frequencies 4GHz, 1.4V

According to Tech-On report, this automatically compiled/designed version is 30% smaller than the original SPU but 10% slower. The 4Ghz clockspeed seems unusually high for this kind of synthesizable chip.

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That's all very well and good, but when in the blazes are Toshiba going to use these Cell processors they've spent years working on in any products?!


I remember reading on the cbe-oss-dev mailing list that Celleb (Toshiba's Cell reference platform) was rolled into kernel 2.6.20 2 months ago. So hopefully it's close... 1 more year ? :p