The Plucky Squire [XBSX|S, PS5, PC, NSW] - one of the best looking games ever?

My final Devolver appointment was spent having hands-on time with The Plucky Squire. The scope of the game is incredibly impressive, given that it’s the work of just two people living on opposite sides of the planet – one in the U.K. and one in Brisbane, Australia. James Turner, the Britain-based half of the duo, was on-hand to speak about the game with me as I played.
beautiful art style and the game looks super clean. I wishlisted it. It only says "Single player" and anything else. It'd be nice if they add co-op too.

Also liked that it has a beat em' up too, platforming and so on aside.


Supporting all the platforms is also very interesting. For a two man team, how well do they scale from NSW up to XSX/PC? Hmm, I guess that assumes they are porting directly and Devolver aren't involved, which they might be?