The Intel Execution in [2022]


Entirely Suboptimal
All of Gen 9 graphics has been moved to legacy driver support. That's 6th through 10th gen CPUs along with related Atom, Pentium and Celerons.

As a side note that is a 1.1GB driver download! It's like 2 Windows XPs lol.


According to Intel's report, there was a 25 percent decline in consumer chip sales last quarter, and that the total PC market has also shrunk by 10 percent this year.
During the earnings call, Intel CEO, Pat Gelsinger, said that some of Intel's largest customers are “reducing inventory levels at a rate not seen in the last decade”. Due to the shrinking PC market, Intel's revenue was down by 22 percent in Q2 and there was a huge decline in profit compared to Q2 2021.


Look's like Intel is confirming it's plan to offset lower volume via increasing prices and believes demand will have recovery even with pricing increases.

David Zinsner -- Chief Financial Officer

Thanks, C.J. So when you look at the fourth quarter, first of all, we are, at this point, given the inventory burns in both CCG and DCAI, shipping it below the rate of consumption for those markets. And so there is a natural recovery that occurs that we would expect as we progress through the rest of the year once inventory is in a good place. So we do feel we're at the bottom here in terms of revenue in the Q2, Q3 time frame, and Q4 would recover just based on that alone.

I'd say the other thing is we've got a good set of products coming out over the course of the second half of the year. And I think we're kind of operating with wind at our sails in terms of product offerings in all of our businesses. And then third, we are increasing pricing, and pricing generally takes effect in the fourth quarter. We've done a fair amount of time.

David Zinsner -- Chief Financial Officer

On CCG and DCAI, I think the inventory correction in CCG was definitely more pronounced. And so you get this -- the benefit of the shipping back to the consumption level is more pronounced when things recover. That's No. 1.

We also will see more pricing improvement in CCG than DCAI. They're both -- we're adjusting pricing, but the pricing is more significant in CCG. And so that also gives CCG a lift in the later part of the year.

CCG (Client Computing Group). Whether or not this just more so towards volume customers (OEM) or will also affect retail isn't clear.


TrendForce's Intel Meteor Lake report seems to have caught the company's attention. Intel's PR firm sent out an unsolicited note this afternoon reiterating that Meteor Lake will be delivered in 2023, and manufacturing remains on schedule
— Ryan Smith (@RyanSmithAT) August 4, 2022