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    Shamelessly swiped the heads-up from

    A small excerpt follows:

    Ethics in Video Game Journalism

    Video Game Journalism

    Ethics in Online Game Journalism
    A Survey of Game Writing Online

    Credibility is a high stakes concern in this multimillion dollar industry.

    Justin Hall
    posted: 2003-04-10

    The video gaming industry has come a long way.

    Starting with the simple Pong game three decades ago and evolving into lavishly drawn interactive epics, the scale of games and the size of their audience has grown exponentially, with sales in the billions of dollars and major multinational corporations clamoring for a piece of the action.

    But despite these signs of a fast-growing industry, the print and online publications that cover video games often employ fans who unwittingly make poor ethical choices.

    The first print magazine covering video games Electronic Games was co-founded by Bill Kunkel in 1981. Kunkel describes those early days in a recent interview: “To an extent, we were cheerleaders for the industry -- we loved these games, we wanted to see more of them, we wanted to keep writing about them.â€￾

    Strong separation between reviews and party-fueled, influence-peddled previews is a good way for game journalism to develop meaningful ethical standards.

    Not much has changed in the past 20 years. Game publications and Web sites still mostly employ low-paid hobbyists who are easy targets of lavish marketing events that encourage inappropriate ties between game makers and game critics.

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