Survey papers on Power Management in Embedded systems

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    1. A Survey Of Architectural Techniques for Near-Threshold Computing
    Accepted in ACM J. on Emerging Technologies in Computing Systems, 2015

    Part of abstract: Low-voltage computing and specifically, near-threshold voltage computing (NTC), which involves operating the transistor very close to and yet above its threshold voltage, holds the promise of providing many-fold improvement in energy efficiency. However, use of NTC also presents several challenges such as increased parametric variation, failure rate and performance loss etc. This paper surveys several recent techniques which aim to offset these challenges for fully leveraging the potential of NTC. By classifying these techniques along several dimensions, we also highlight their similarities and differences.

    2. A Survey of Techniques For Improving Energy Efficiency in Embedded Computing Systems
    Accepted in IJCAET, 2014

    Part of abstract: With the number of just mobile devices now reaching nearly equal to the population of earth, embedded systems have truly become ubiquitous. These trends, however, have also made the task of managing their power consumption extremely challenging. In this paper, we survey the techniques for managing power consumption of embedded systems. This paper is intended to help the researchers and application-developers in gaining insights into the working of power management techniques and designing even more efficient high-performance embedded systems of tomorrow.

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