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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Shortbread, May 31, 2015.

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    So, I would like to start getting familiar with Star Citizen, or the beta/funding part anyhow. However, I need some questions answered by those who play (own) one of the funding packages.

    1) What is the minimal ship package that I should consider purchasing? That has a variety of ships, and actual gameplay elements (i.e. space exploration).
    2) How buggy, if any, is the current build?
    3) How long are the current missions or space exploration aspects?
    4) Are additional ships obtainable through missions completions? Or just funding DLC as of now?
    5) Are the current gameplay elements varied (fun) or repetitive (dull)?
    6) In your honest opinion, is the beta/funding builds worth it? Or should I hold-off until the 2016 release?

    The reason I bringing these questions up, is that I'm looking to do more 4K gaming, as well as getting back into space exploration based games. Can you blame me (see below)? :shock:

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    1. That entirely depends on you. The base package comes with a starter ship. You can choose to either upgrade and/or buy additional ships before release (or even after), or earn your new ships in the game when it come.
    2. The current build is a basic dog fight module against AI or players, and a racing module as well. There are no other released functions yet other than basic combat, flight model and general testing
    3. See 2
    4. You'll be able to buy new ships in-game through the normal course of earning credits, however you decide that may be. There will be no ship rewards for completing missions (apart from maybe the single-player campaign game Squadron 42)
    5. See 2
    6. See 2 :)
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    So to start

    Aurora MR AC starter $45 usd


    Mustang Alpha AC starter $45


    Alternatively you can add a AC pass to any of the packages and play.

    One important note is that none of these have LTI . So I would suggest if you really want to jump in get a starter package and then get the reliant . The reliant is a concept ship can comes with LTI(life time insurance). You'd be out about $100 but then you could upgrade the reliant in the future to any ship you want through the ccu upgrades. So if you did want a big ship like a freelancer or constellation you can get it with LTI.

    2) Really buggy. Its still in rough shape , you can play the game and have fun but its still very buggy

    3) its just dog fighting in what amounts to large arenas right now

    4)in the future when the PU comes out then yes , you can earn newer ships. Right now no

    5)its just dog fighting

    6)its up to you. You can play for $45 bucks and you should get more than enough enjoyment from it. the First person shooter alpha should be starting soon , it should have been in April but it was postponed. I'm betting it will hit around E3. I believe you'd have to pay an extra $5 to alpha test it when it hits. The packages today only come with beta acess , alpha access per module is $5 for new packages.
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