Since Captain America (Chris Evans) went back in time ...

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    For my friends who are Marvel universe fans: The idea just occurred to me; Since Captain America (Chris Evans) went back in time, it's possible that he is Johnny Storm's father, right? What a great way to bring back the actor who played both!

    Tony Stark is dead (or is he, see the bottom for my theory), and the only equivalent genius, who conveniently also had a headquarters in Manhattan, is Reed Richards. The Hulk is hurting, and a close equivalent to him is the Thing. If they were going to lead a mission to rescue the Black Widow from that hellish place, then Sue Storm's shielding would be invaluable there, as would her sneaking ability, and Johnny Storm's resistance to heat and flames would also be necessary. And he's got that Nova blast power should any giant steel doors need to be vaporized.

    Regarding Tony Stark: I think his suit could have been doing constant "backups" of him. So Tony, or the digital representation of him, might come back to life in another, very special, Iron Man suit. Not flesh and blood alive, but with a mind, and the suit for his limbs and senses. Maybe he doesn't realize that right away, ouch, very poignant moment when he does know the truth. I played a videogame that had that kind of a reveal as part of its story. And maybe he decides to not go on like that, and he gets to exchange his life for Natasha, in exchange with (Mr. Smith from the Matrix/Hugo Weaving) the Red Skull's "ghost". Hey, it would be really funny if he meets Johnny Storm! "You look familiar, have we met?" :)

    Alternatively, they could give Robert Downey Jr./Tony Stark the chance for his remnant in the Iron Man suit to become like Vision, and have a body made from synthetics. That leaves the role of Iron Man free for his successor. And tough choices for Tony Stark's "widow"!

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