Should MS release a more powerful XBOX ONE ?

Discussion in 'Console Industry' started by ShyGuy, Apr 20, 2015.

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    So PS4 is giving XBOX ONE a sound kicking in terms of sales even this early on. The console is basically dead in most of the EU and has been heavily price cut / bundled in both the UK and US to varying degrees of success.

    This generation of consoles has surprised everyone with how badly people wanted to upgrade from last gen. People are now also conditioned to desire / buy bi-yearly $500 smartphone upgrades with no real performance increase to Joe Average.

    Considering XBO is based on an x86 based architecture, could and should MS release an upgraded console which would enable most multi platform games to run at 1080p / locked 30fps or even 60fps ?

    It could be called 'XBOX ONE Elite' and be marketed as 'the World's most powerful console'. The RAM config would have to stay but the CPU / GPU clocks could be boosted to such a degree so that the console would run all multi platforms games better than PS4.

    MS aren't scared to go to war, or lose massive amounts of cash if it means they claw back their shrinking market share.

    So... is this possible and should they do it ?.
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    We already have this topic covered in the existing threads. Please use the upgradable console thread or the what should MS do next threads or the other existing threads.

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