Shadow of the Samurai [DOS Gameplay Review]

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    So, I started playing this game again due to the Ghost of Tsushima thread and decided to find out if any of you have played it. It's an old 1989 game but can be found on GOG if you want to try it out. - Currently $1.49 on 75% sale

    I could do a review but the attached YT review does great work so I don't need to.

    It's a hard game and can take time to conquer, I remember that I only ever became Shogun once so it's not easy game even on intermediate. However it is addictive and can feel rewarding as you work your way through the game. The thing is to get your timings right, keep enemies at a distance, build your army as big as you can and build a family to create your dynasty in case you retire or are killed in a battle.

    Tip: Save often (Alt+S)
    Tip2: When starting the game - No Joystick, VGA(1), Adlib Sound Board(4)

    So have any of you played this game?
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