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    A UK based studio is looking for an experienced Shader/Texture Artist with a deep knowledge of materials and rendering techniques in real-time and pre-rendered. They create high quality material setups for realistic environments and maintain consistency and quality for texture maps (including Bump, Specular Maps, diffuse, normal, ambient occlusion, reflection and environmental maps).
    Work closely with the lighting artist and world/environment modeller to create a realistic looking environment.


    Must have knowledge of realistic material/shader creation, as well as in-depth experience with Photoshop.
    Knowledge of other digital paint programs, excellent artistic skills and solid understanding of colour theory. Knowledge of physically based shading models is a big plus

    Portfolio should demonstrate the following:

    Strong knowledge of shader and material
    Ability to work in realistic styles
    Multi-layer and multi-pass texturing systems
    Good knowledge of creating detailed normal maps with z-brush or crazy bump
    Ability to create textures based on photo references
    Good understanding of lighting

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